Fitness license


You can download the schedule for the courses in Fitness Academy Bulgaria in 2018 from here.


A Fitness Instructor Syllabus can be downloaded here, and for Instructor Group Fitness Instructor - here

During the time for theoretical training, it is recomended students will have to make self-training to facilitate the acquisition of the theoretical material. It can be held in or outside Athletic Fitness clubs, according to their wishes.

For the convenience of students, the Academy provides free access to all fitness clubs of Athletic Fitness for the period of training.

The self-training is cverified by the student, by submitting one of the forms below in the beginning of the practical training with a teacher.


Personal Trainer Syllabus can be downloaded here.

Obligatory condition for enrollment for the Personal Trainer course is that the student has completed a Fitness Instructor or Group Fitness Instructor with Level III before that.

If no such level is graudated, the students should take a Level III exam for validation of the knowledges, necessary for Level III. Upon successful passing this exam, the student can enroll for a Personal Trainer course.


Sample of the European Certificate