About us

Fitness Academy Bulgaria (FAB) is the first and only Bulgarian academy providing a certificate valid in the EU. We have over 20 years of experience in field of health and fitness in Bulgaria, doing our best to promote and improve  the industry. Learning from our experience we outlined several reasons for the foundation of Fitness Academy Bulgaria :
  • The need of qualified professionals in the Fitness Industry
  • The lack of authorised institution that offers qualified educational programmes for people wanting to work in the sector
  • The lack of educational and training programmes that are in compliance with the requirements and standards of the European Qualification Framework in the professional field 'Sport-fitness'


After 10 years of hard work and enthusiasm we can proudly announce that:
  • Fitness Academy Bulgaria is the first institution in Bulgaria to be licensed from the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training /see Register of Licensed CVT/
  • Fitness Academy Bulgaria is the first and only Bulgarian fitness academy to be awarded with an accreditation from EHFA (the European Association for Health and Fitness) and our certificates are recognised in all member states of the European Union /seeEuropean Register of Exercise Professionals/.

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