Fitness Instructor, Level 3

The Theoretical Training is delivered entirely online which facilitates students as presence is not required.

After the Theoretical Training students sit for a Theory Exam which is delivered online.

The Practical Training is delivered in groups of maximum of 10 students for more effective training. It is delivered by qualified and highly-experienced teachers and trainers in the fitness industry in Bulgaria. The training required presence as it is held in the training base of the Academy in Sofia.
During the study all students are required to finalize a self-training which comprises of 30 training sessions in a  fitness club.
The self-training can be held in the fitness clubs of Athletic Fitness where students have free access for the period of the course, or elsewhere.
The Self-training should be finalized before the start of the Practical Training and the completed form should be presented to the Teacher. 

1. Attended Practical Training
The Attended Practical Training required presence of the students and it is delivered in the training base of the Fitness Academy Bulgaria.
2. Online Practical Training
The Online Practical Training is delivered online - through ZOOM
Students are required to attend only the last session of the training, for 1 day, when the Practical Exam is also carried.

After the Practical Training students have to pass a Practical Exam - deliver a basic training session to a member.
Students who fail to pass either of the exams can apply for another try after minimum of 2 weeks and according to the dates set by the Fitness Academy Bulgaria.
There is a fee of 50 lv. for every try which has to be paid in advance.

The training is completed after taking the Theory and Practical exams successfully.

The price of the course includes:
  • Access to the Online Education Platform
  • Practical Training with a certified Teacher
  • Free access to the fitness clubs of Athletic Fitness for the period of the training
  • European Certificate
  • Bulgarian Diploma and 
  • 1 Annual Membership in EREPS
Price - 1000 lv. VAT included. The tuition fee can be paid on instalments.